A proud supporter of the Guardian Angels Program for Seniors


"Without a sense of caring,

there can be no sense of community."


 Anthony J. Di Angelo


Most of us have a cherished friend or loved one in the senior years of their life.

 As we engage in their journey we come to realize our own destiny and what options are available as the need for continued dignity, care, hope and recognition for our contributions moves closer to the forefront in the lives of our respected elders and ourselves.


2K Services is a proud supporter of the Guardian Angels Program.

  We endeavor to engage our customers to consider supporting one of the many projects in the program.

As a manufacturer perhaps the following is a simple way for you to be a part of this growing movement.

  Reduce-Reuse-Recycle for Seniors was founded to reduce the build-up of unwanted or unneeded goods in homes/basements/garages/ businesses which no longer serves a purpose, which are donated for reuse/resale or recycle, with a proprietary benefit to seniors so that they can have access to FREE advocacy and care services.


If you know of any unused or redundant machinery, equipment or components that could be processed or refurbished for resale to raise funds to support this very worthwhile project please go to our contact page and send a message. We will be happy to explain the mutual benefits as a social conscientious citizen or business, and the possible financial benefits of donating. A brief no pressure discussion will determine if it makes sense for you.

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