Solutions that fit your needs, no more, no less.


"I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen."

Frank Lloyd Wright (1869-1959)

Unique Applications
  Today suppliers of special purpose engineered services are NOT here by accident. They have managed to give their long established customers what was needed, when it was needed and at a reasonable and profitable price.

 Loyalty and repeat business has been earned and never taken for granted. 


 Our company represents a diverse group of suppliers of custom machine building and engineering services with proven stability, high standards and commitment to help you succeed, be profitable and compete in this very competitive global marketplace.


Not just another cliché but an opportunity for you to save time, money and reduce the risks associated with finding reliable partners.



  Combined with our outside partners we  provide integrated solutions using known and proven technology for applications such as:


  • Special purpose Work Stations and systems.

- includes many aspects of distinct component and sub assemblies manufacturing.

     - manual, semi automated and fully automated work cells including Servo systems, Robot integration and custom designed End Of Arm Tooling. 
  • Machine Tending including part loading and unloading and tray handling systems including stackers/destackers
  • Inspection and verification checking fixtures including automated stations with integrated vision systems for product quality assurance
  • Fabrication including structural steel, stainless and sheet metal materials


  • Tube and Wire 

          - High volume Dedicated benders 

          - Piercing Stations

  - End forming

  - Complete Systems with automatic tube handling and changeover capability to different tube lengths, diameters and end form configurations.

   - Automatic loaders for CNC Benders and part handling.

  • Nylon tube bending and insertion assembly stations
  • Process Equipment for molded Plastic

                - Hot Staking

                - Ultrasonic Welding

                - Flash trimming

                - degators


  • Leak Testing stations

                - Helium Spectrometry

                - pressure decay

                - pressure chambers

                - dunk tanks


  • Machine Controls

                 - design

                 - manufacturing

                 - installation

                 - programming

                 - existing systems safety upgrades


  • Component and Sub Assembly Manufacturing

                 - First, second or third tier


  • Prototype development and manufacturing.

Integrated Proven Technology

Product Development and process feasibility

Turn Key Solutions

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