Providing a single source of Manufacturing Solutions


Words to live by:

"Don't point a finger, lend a hand."


Integrated Proven technology

 As an Engineering Manager, Project Manager, or buyer you may be responsible for outsourcing requirements such as

- new or refurbished capital equipment

- improvements to existing machinery or processes

- custom fabrication

- new or upgraded control systems

- custom machining

- inspection fixtures and tooling


 Have you ever settled on a less than credible supplier to find out later down the road is not qualified to complete your project?

 Or perhaps you are looking for a new supplier with the capacity or fresh ideas and approaches to meet your requirements.


 By working together we can greatly reduce the time, risk and hidden costs involved with finding very experienced, established and reputable specialists with the ability to design, manufacture, install and support often one of a kind applications.

Custom forming and piercing

  Servo system for multiple axis positioning

         Win Win Relationships

  I believe success forward will include new networking partners and sharing helpful information.  

 What better way is there to strengthen the future for all if not to advance the success of the companies and people we come in contact with.  

Control systems that meet your manufacturing familiarity and specifications including upgrading of outdated systems.

Machine tending using a Robot and customtized End Of Arm Tooling